Streamline Taxis


Booking Instructions
  1. When you call Streamline you will hear the following: “Thank you for calling Streamline Taxis. When you hear the address you would like to be picked up from, please press 1 or press 0 to speak to an operator”
  2. The system will then read your pick-up address e.g. “No 1 High Street, York”
  3. “For a taxi as soon as possible, please press 1 now” (this is followed by 4.5 seconds of silence giving you time to press 1 on your phone).
  4. If 1 is not pressed, the system will begin to read the next address if you have called from a mobile number.
  5. If you have called from a landline, the system will tell you that you are now being connected to an operator.
  6. Steps 2 & 3 will be repeated up to a maximum of 3 addresses for mobile numbers.
  7. At the end of the 3 addresses for mobile numbers, step 5 will be played.
  8. If 1 is pressed during an address being read, you will hear “Your reference number is 123, and your taxi has been booked and will be dispatched shortly, thank you for using Streamline Taxis York.” The system will now end the call.

We understand that the IVR system is not seen as an improvement to all of our customers. If you do not wish for your contact number to be linked to IVR you can call our office (01904 656565), press 0 to speak directly to an operator and we will be happy to remove this feature for you.