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QR Taxibookers

Need A Taxi?

When you’re out & about in York, whether you’re enjoying the sights & attractions or needing to get from one bar to another keep an eye out for our NEW QR BOOKERS.

Qr bookers utilise QR code technology to offer a fast & easy way to book your taxi via our online portal with many of the features you’ve come to expect from app bookings without the need to download an app!

All you need to do is use your phone to scan the QR code at the location enter your details and see your taxi dispatched you’ll have ETA and details on the vehicle and driver so you’ll be sure when to expect your ride.

Try out our test code below by scanning it with a smartphone camera’s inbuilt reader or a QR reader app.ย 

- Coming to a Location Near You -



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How to use a QR Booker




  1. ย Scan the QR code with your mobile phone camera or app.
  2. The booking window opens without needing to download
  3. Select your location & input your details we’ll confirm the booking & ETA, we’ll contact you with vehicle & driver details so you always know your ride.

    That’s it!

All the power of app booking and a fantastic feature set without the need for a new app download every time. 

 -Try it now –
 Just scan the test code below

(Don’t worry this isn’t a real booking and no details are saved)


Does your venue need support from a Taxibooker?

NEW QR BOOKERS provide an extra level of service to your customers, we can very easily setup accounts and deploy QR codes within minutes!

Help your customers get where they need to go, free up your staff from making calls on behalf of your clientsย  or potentially earn with kickbacks available for busy venues!